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About Us:

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American Twin Mover is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for a long distance or local mover. Based in Silver Spring, MD, we are the company that will meet your requirements with our timely services, free estimates, and reasonable rates. Our moving service will exceed your expectations, regardless of the nature of the items you want to relocate. Do not hesitate, and call us!

Why Choose Us?

In addition to our local and long distance moving service, we do packing and overseas shipping. Working with trained professionals who know how to meet your individual requirements, we are ready to take on the moving of furniture, personal belongings, art, musical instruments, office equipment, heavy machinery, and more.

What Makes Our Company Different?

Whether you need a local mover or you want to get your items to another city, we are the company to ensure your satisfaction. In business since 2005, we maintain affordable rates and offer free estimates for the convenience of our customers. Our goal is to give our clients easy access to dependable moving services.

With American Twin Mover, you can move any cargo you may have in mind, and you can expect a timely and reliable service every time. Based in Silver Spring, MD, we are ready to take on any task and will impress you with our skills and integrity. Call us at (301) 235-0981 to book an appointment!


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