How to Avoid These General Moving Mishaps

How to Avoid These General Moving Mishaps

Are you deciding to make a move? No matter how carefully you plan, there are some general don’ts exists that arise between the moving process. But don’t worry, American Twin Mover is available to serve you everything you need. Today, we are sharing the common mishap that happens during the time of relocation and the ideas to avoid them.

Damaging furniture

Getting your furniture damaged is one of the most common moving mishaps. Haven’t you ever struggled with a scratch or bang-up on sofas, chairs, desks and other bulky items of furniture? In between the process of lifting, moving, and transporting, you are bound to unintentionally drop or hit something on the way. However, we are here to tell you how you can prevent this misfortune:

  • Dismantle the furniture as much as possible
  • Protect the individual items by using blankets and plastic wrap
  • Utilize moving equipment like loading ramps and tie-downs

Getting caught up in a moving scam

The worst moving mishap is nothing but the scamming by rogue movers. Many times, people mistakenly hire movers that are not licensed to transport belongings. These movers often steal the valuable or damage your items. To stay away from these cheaters, follow the tips:

  • Before hiring any movers, check their license and make sure if they are insured
  • Professional movers give at least three home visits to provide an accurate estimate
  • Check if your movers have a physical office

Forgetting to hire a babysitter

The trickiest thing is to move with children and pets. You need to give extra care. When you forget to hire a baby sitter or pet caretaker, you get encountered with so many complications. To avoid this, you can:

  • Ask your neighbors or friends to babysit your child
  • You can give your pet to your friend or family member for a few days
  • You can strictly instruct your child to co-operate by being with your friend

Ticking off neighbors

When you hire professional packers and movers in Annapolis MD, they can block your neighbor’s driveway too, as their large moving trucks require big space on the road. To keep your neighbors fine with all this, you can:

  • Tell your neighbors about this before a day at least
  • Discuss with movers about the parking issues
  • If you need permission the authority, take it before a week

Forgetting moving day essentials

Generally, you forget about the essentials while preparing for the event. To keep them in mind:

  • Make sure you prepare the essentials bag before a week of moving day
  • The bag should contain toiletries, medicines, important documents, wallet, paper towels, cleaning supplies, phone chargers, a tool kit, extra clothes, and so on.
  • Before anything, make a proper list of essentials so you will remember everything

Moving soon?

Relocation process isn’t that easy to do it all by yourself. To make your relocation smooth and damage-proof, hire a professional moving company in Annapolis, MD.