Moving? Pack Your Garage In four Steps

Moving? Pack Your Garage In four Steps

The moving process brings lots of complications and tricky tasks.

However, in the moving process, the garage is often the last room packed. The items in the garage are not as simple as other room’s stuff. Therefore, American Twin Mover is sharing some useful tips to pack your garage in just a few steps. Do you know, if you first pack your garage, you’ll get many advantages?


#1: Separate and get rid of unwanted!

We often keep garage cleaning last on the priority list. Therefore, relocation brings this opportunity to sort the garage items. However, taking unnecessary things to the new place makes no sense. So, it is the time to get rid of stuff that you don’t use and need. You donate or sell the collection of things with the average condition. Besides, you can connect with a garage sale to get some extra cash in your pocket. Separate the necessary and unnecessary things to easy the task. Also, separating the unwanted items will cut down the moving costs.


#2: Get the right supplies

Using proper boxes and supplies is must to correctly pack and move stuff. Interestingly, you can hire the packers and movers Annapolis MD for the perfect job done. Mostly, we found garage items heavy and old. There are plenty of things you should have for the packing and moving tasks:


  • Boxes: Boxes of various size to pack different stuff
  • Eco-bubble wrap: Use this to protect fragile items
  • Packing Tape: Final step will need to pack the boxes from top to bottom with tape
  • Packing Paper: Instead of newspaper, use packing papers to save your items during the cleaning task
  • Blankets: These will help to cover the large items

Tip: To ensure the 100% safety, add the several layers of packing tape into the moving boxes. Its will protect the boxes during storage & transportation.


#3: How to pack garage items

  • Pack small hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, etc in your toolbox
  • Items with sharp edges should be packed in an eco-bubble
  • Disassemble the furniture to pack in less space
  • Wrap the fragile items with bubble-wrap
  • Keep the items in the boxes, room wise


#4: Label, Label!

For instance, labeling each box will make your unpacking process easy and fast. If you do not mark the boxes, it’ll be hard for you to find the items you first need. Besides, you should always mention the box of fragile items so you and the moving company will give extra care.

In conclusion, try to pack your garage stuff before other room’s. For a smooth experience, hire professional movers and packers Annapolis MD.

Have a stress-free moving!