Summer: the moving season

Summer: the moving season

Generally, people consider moving in the summertime. As the summer has already arrived, the moving period is at its peak.

Are you one of them who is planning the next relocation?

Relocation specialist American Twin Mover has some suggestions for the people who move in the heat.

During the summer, some days arrives when it became impossible to do any activity outside the house. Especially when it comes to moving, you need to take extra precaution to beat the heat. We have some suggestions to follow for safety:

  • Stay hydrated. Drink water, try to skip juices or sodas as they contain a high amount of sugar.
  • Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sunburn.
  • Take breaks. Summer heat can slow you down, take a few minutes to refresh.
  • Get help! Soon after you decide to relocate, hire the best moving company in advance.
  • Allow yourself enough time to move. Sometimes, a day won’t be enough. Therefore, start planning and processing before moving day arrives.

Is it smart to wait for a move?

During the sunny weather, prices spike on services. As it is considered a moving season, movers and packers charge more to expand their fleet of trucks and fulfill the growing demand.

If you move in summer, it’ll cost you 20-30% more than moving in any other season. So, its better to wait and plan your relocation after the summers.

The perfect season for northern states

In the northern states, moving in the winter means you have to deal with the slick roads. Moving in summer days is best for the northerners as they don’t have to deal with the harsh conditions, slippery roads, and walkways, and the move, in general, will be quick and painless.

Yard Sales!

Summertime induces love for hosting and going to yard sales. Many people drive to other places to visit yard sales in the summer months. If you are even thinking to move, it is the best time to sell the unwanted items before the relocation.

Your Kids and Their School

Summertime is the best to move with your children. Summer vacations also provide them time to restart their studies after having a long hectic relocation.

Going to College

After finishing high school studies from their respective schools, students move to their college. Moving out from the parent’s homes is also popular in the summer days.

In conclusion, with all the reasons considered to relocate, summer is the perfect season for you and your family. Our services include: Long-distance moving, loading services, unloading services, etc.

Do not miss to call the American Twin Mover and get the smooth moving experience in the summer heat!